[b]Right of Passage[/b] - Edinburgh

Assembly Rooms Edinburgh

Rite of Passage

This Nikos Dionysios is my idea of a Greek god who has ascended to mount Olympus and been blessed by both Gods and Muses. At one point he describes himself as an introverted Extrovert.

In a series of monologues and dialogues an actor prepares for auditions, I find it difficult to describe this show clearly as I found myself being carried away. Listening to every word and following every movement only loosing it slightly when Nikos described deep blue seas and green mountains. During this my mind wandered to the Greek island of Zakynthos and I found myself almost in tears. I can definitely say that I was deeply moved, I also couldn’t believe that the time had passed so quickly. He uses speeches from the Greek classics, Shakespeare and one of the dialogues from Waiting for Godot. His changing of costumes from character to character were like little gaps for you to catch your breath before continuing on your journey.

The Greeks have had the reputation of being great story tellers from almost the beginning of time, and through people like Nikos the reputation remains intact. I felt both elated and drained after the show but walked out feeling happy.

A very deep piece of theatre to enjoy between the offerings of comedy.

Venue 3 Assembly Rooms

August 2 to August 26

Start time 12.30 Finish time 13.30 (1.30pm)