[b]Rite of Passage[/b] - Hong Kong

by Nikos Dionysios

In this story, an out of work Actor rehearses for an upcoming audition. As he follows a poetic umbilical cord of Theatre, the Actor metamorphoses into heroes from different ages.

[b]Rite of Passage[/b] - Hong Kong He becomes “Man through history”. Layer upon layer is shed as he delves into his secret side. He balances between Hero and Anti-Hero, Hero and Actor, Actor and Man, and walks a fine line in search of his original nature. In what appears to be self-analysis, there is a sense of the interview and audition, yet on another level, of interrogation. After taking off all the masks, the journey comes to an end. The hero is now Man and faces the Mystery of his existence. Is he now ready for the audition?

This one man show was created by original material and by editing the poetic text from the following plays:

HAMLET by Shakespeare
ORESTES by Euripides
BACCHAE by Euripides

The Bridewell Theatre London U.K.
& Hong Kong Festival

Written, directed & performed: Nikos Dionysios
Lighting design: Nikos Dionysios
Asst. Director and Producer: Fivi Fildissi
Press & Marketing: Kevin Wilson
Costumes: Fivi Fildissi
Stage Manager: Lotte Buchan

[b]Rite of Passage[/b] - Hong Kong